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What is it like behind the scenes of a wish granted by Make-A-Wish? Here are some stories of wishes granted.

My name is Bryan Newton. My son’s name is Jace Newton. Our movie is called Ninja Cowboy Viking vs The Gadgetgents and this is our Make-A-Wish success story….

Jace grew up like most kids. Loving his family, playing sports and generally enjoying life. Jace had not been growing like normal so we decided to look into it. They decided to do an MRI just to make sure there wasn’t anything preventing his growth. What was found would change our lives forever. We sat down expecting to hear why our son wasn’t growing. What we were told was that Jace was likely going to need to have brain surgery! Nothing prepares a parent to hear something like that. Jace was found to have a couple growths in his brain. One in particular was concerning. He had what was called a chiari malformation. This was causing his spinal fluid to not go down his spine. It could potentially lead to loss of feeling in his appendages, paralysis and eventually if untreated even neurological issues. So we had to elect for surgery. One surgery turned into 3 brain surgeries. We lived at the hospital for a few months. Fast forward a bit and Jace began recovering. It was at this point Jace was nominated for a Make-A-Wish opportunity. He qualified for a wish and after several attempts and discussions with David (our great volunteer) for options we ended up opting for the Disney/give kids the world trip.

We were sponsored by B.E. Smith. They were fantastic and had us come in and tell our story before our trip. It was great to see and meet the people involved in helping Jace’s wish come true. The trip itself was truly something that we will never forget and will never be equaled. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience and helped to change our families view from struggle and despair into hope for the future. We also participated in other things such as Night of Wishes with the Chiefs and Chase Daniels. We felt truly loved, accepted and adopted by the Make-A-Wish family.

In college my uncle and I made a series of short independent films entitled Ninja Cowboy. Fast forward to this summer. My uncle and I got to talking and thought it would be fun to make a reboot of the Ninja Cowboy franchise with our kids. So we started making the movie and pretty quickly we realized that technology had come along way as well as my uncles abilities as a director. What we had expected was to make a 30 minute movie with the kids for the family. Once we started editing and putting it together we realized this was something far beyond what we’d planned on. It was becoming a better quality than expected full length feature film. This led us to a discussion around what could we actually do with it? As we started thinking about it we realized that Jace was an opportunity to be a Make-A-Wish success story. We had always wanted to give back to Make-A-Wish and had discussed a number of options to help and fundraise. It was always our goal to have the opportunity to grant someone else’s wish just like B.E. Smith did for us. It was at that point we started discussing the idea of hosting a movie premiere for this movie. We began talking with Make-A-Wish and they seemed to love the idea of a movie premiere fundraiser. We are also teaming up with B&B theaters. They are donating a 500 seat auditorium for this movie premiere! It will be a great event as both a success story as well as an opportunity to grant another wish. Our ultimate goal is to turn this into a trilogy and host 2 other events in the future making it bigger and better each time. We are very excited to team up and start getting the details put in place in order to change lives the way ours has been changed!


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