Ninja Cowboy Viking

A Make-A-Wish Fundraising Premiere

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Thank you to everyone involved

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Because of your support, we have been able to grant 3 wishes across the country for Make-a-Wish



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Filming for the second installment entitled “Ninja Cowboy Viking VS The Modded” is 80% done with a few scenes left. We plan on having premieres again in 3 different states for this on. Donations Will Go Towards a Wish Granted

Please contact us at if you want to get involved or you want to plan a premiere fundraiser for your state.

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Ninja Cowboy Viking Vs The GadgetGents

A family film to help families in need

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This film is about 7 kids who were called to be heroes. Filmed over the summer of 2016, Kody and Bryan Newton got their families together to make a short film about a Ninja, a Cowboy, and a Viking and other kids with special abilities. When the world’s phones are hijacked, and the world spins loose without its precious devices, our heroes seek to disable those responsible. With the help of their kids and families, they turned this short film into a full length feature film. It gave their family a fun project to work on and it became a Make-A-Wish fundraising event on the big screen. Jace Newton, who plays Viking, was a Make-A-Wish kid a few years ago and this movie and event was the perfect way to give back. Ninja Cowboy Viking VS The GadgetGents was filmed in Boise Idaho and Kansas City Kansas by Wyoming natives.
Go pokes.



Ninja Cowboy Viking Trailer

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A Film Made for Families, not for filmmakers

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We all worked very hard to get this movie put together, and it turned out so well, that we couldn’t help but want to share it with everyone. Remember a few things as you watch this trailer. None of us had much experience, we didn’t have much money, but we sure had fun doing it.


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When Ninja Met Cowboy
Filmed in 2006, this is when Ninja and Cowboy first meet as they both try to save a restaurant from being robbed.


Adventures of

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alprazolam online reviews The Cowboy Jinx
United as friends, Ninja Cowboy follow a strange doctor who seems to be a BYU fan.



alprazolam mastercard Girls Are Better Than Boys Are
Having met their match and turned into girls, Ninja Cowboy try to adapt to their new gender.


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discount alprazolam online Ninja Cowboy and Pirate
Ninja Cowboy team up with Pirate after he saves them from the assassin clan by the name of The Suits.


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For Anything

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We are Super Excited to make dreams come true

Kody Newton
Bryan Newton


Thank You
for Your

We will respond as soon as possible.